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Suggested Kit List

You can spend a fortune on kit - I know this as I worked for a leading equipment retailer for many years! :( A lot of it is over-priced, over engineered toot and, when push comes to shove: doesn't live up to a lot of its hype. Thankfully bushcraft is all about "know-how": I can teach you how make a shelter from twigs and leaves, and to cook an egg in an orange peel! You don't need fancy kit - you need kit that is comfortable and works for you.

Having said that there are some basics that you should bring with you on one of our courses. We would suggest the following:-

  • comfortable fitting clothes to suit the prevailing weather conditions that should include:-
  1. a warm jumper or fleece
  2. a waterproof/windproof/breathable outer jacket or anorak (can include over trousers)
  3. warm socks + a spare set
  4. A hat, cap or beanie
  5. A pair of stout work gloves (gardening ones are fine)
  6. Solid footwear: e.g. walking boots. (Wellies are fine for wet weather, trainers are fine in summer)
  • a complete change of clothes (just in case)
  • A personal 1st Aid kit & any required personal medication
  • A torch or headtorch with 2 sets of spare batteries
  • A mug, plate and knife/fork/spoon
  • A warm sleeping bag
  • A cooking pot or billy can
  • A small tent, hammock & tarp or hootchie
  • An insulated sleeping mat
  • Wash kit & towel (includes antibacterial hand gel, antibacterial skin or baby wipes, insect repellant & lip balm
  • 1 litre water bottle
  • A whistle and white cylume or "snap" light
  • Food & snacks sufficient for the duration of your course. Please remember all our courses are self-catering, unless otherwise stated. We do provide tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

Optional items:-

  • a knife - one will be provided for your use on the course
  • a firesteel - one will be provided for your use on the course
  • a digital camera and/or notebook

Where we are providing equipment for your use we look to use only military spec. items. We have found these to be the most reliable.

N.B. When dressing for the outdoors 2 or 3 thin layers are better, as they allow you to regulate body temperature better. Jeans and cotton worn next to the skin are to be avoided as, when wet, they lead to rapid body core cooling: this can lead to hypothermia. If you have any queries please email me.

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