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Courses - Tracking & the Art of the Scout Weekend

The Green School Tracking & Art of the Scout weekend is designed for trackers who want to put all their skills to the test. It will make you think beyond what you have done before, and give you the opportunity to track and practice new skills. It will prove to be a milestone experience in your life!

Scout-trackers are people who are linked to, and possess, an intimate knowledge of the landscape within which they find themselves. They are ‘at one with’ the land. They notice everything that goes on; no blade of grass is stepped on; no bird feather falls to the ground; no animal sheds a hair; nothing leaves a footprint that a scout-tracker does not know about. Because of the intensity and intimacy of this knowledge a scout-tracker can often tell what is going on around them with a glance.

The emphasis on this weekend is about building and strengthening your tracking skills, we would encourage you to come with as little equipment as you dare! After all, our scout ancestors would have spend days on the trail with only what they carried in the pockets and forage bag. Nonetheless, our emphasis is on having fun and enjoying yourself, so please don't come expecting a "boot camp" approach.

Some of the topics that we will cover will include:-

  • Tracking & scout psychology
  • Getting prepared to go out - equipment selection
  • Using natural camoflage
  • Reading the landscape & entering into the environment
  • Bird language: friend & foe
  • Advanced shelters
  • Basic bush medicine
  • Make do and mend
  • Travelling without a trace
  • Keeping going

Because of the nature of this course we can only take 8 bookings per weekend course.

Please Note: Unless otherwise stated this course involves and is entirely self catering, although we will provide all the tea, coffee, hot chocolate and bannock making ingredients! You will need food enough to last you for 2 full days (i.e. 2x 24 hours). If you are unsure please contact us.

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  • £160 in total

A £50 deposit will secure a place on this course - please see our Terms & Conditions in the downloadable Booking Info. pack.

This course runs from 7pm on Friday till 3pm (latest) on Sunday

A downloadable PDF booking information pack is available, which includes all relevant details including our Terms & Conditions - a link for this on the right. These pages require Abobe Reader Software. If you don't have that please click on the Adobe icon below to get it free - this link will open a separate browser window

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